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The roots of Azelaic Products started in the late 1980s, when John Herfs, ceo and shareholder of Azelaic Products started his international career in vegetable based raw materials.

Initially there was an interest in azelaic acid for industrial applications. Besides in cosmetic and pharma applications, azelaic acid is well known ingredient in bio- polymers and high performance greases. The latter suffices lower grades and less regulatory requirements.

Azelaic Products has decided to focus only on the high purity grades for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. We have now become the leader in the development of the higher grades of naturally based azelaic acid for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

Today, Azelaic Products BV has presence in Asia, Europe, and North America and may soon be expanding its reach into South America.

Azelaic Products has selected the world’s best source of azelaic acid and found the most experienced business partners in skin and hair care. Azepur99® is the highest purity azelaic acid today available, and meeting the most demanding standards. Reliability in supply and profound technical services are part of the package.


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