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stimulates skin lighting process

Azelaic acid is advantageously used for skin lightening processes.

It can be used both for integral skin lightening to obtain a more radiant complexion, but also to fight “old-age spots”. One of the major advantages of using azelaic acid for skin lightening is the fact that it not interfere with any of the bodily processes. This is contrary to virtually all other skin lightening products that exhibit sincerely side reactions that are detrimental for human health, or are insufficiently selective.

General Product Characteristics

The affect of azelaic acid on tyrosinase has already been discussed. Azelaic acid is also used for the treatment of melasma, lentigo maligna and other disorders of hyperpigmention. Azelaic acid has been reported to be effective for hypermelanosis caused by physical or photochemical agents, and lentigo maligna melanoma as well as other disorders characterized by abnormal proliferation of melanocytes. Its mechanism of action is to inhibit DNA synthesis and mitochondrial enzymes, thereby inducing direct cytotoxic effects toward the melanocyte.

Acne lesions are frequently a darker color compared to the surrounding skin. Azelaic acid can effectively be used for this post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, believed to be caused by reactive oxygen species. Free radicals are believed to contribute to hyperpigmentation, and azelaic acid acts by reduction of the free radical production. Azelaic acid 20% is currently available in the US and is only indicated for the treatment of acne, although it has off-label use for hyperpigmentation.

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