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Azelaic, Azelaic

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Azelaic Products B.V. is a specialized supplier of azelaic acid for pharmaceutical applications. We offer the highest possible grade of azelaic acid. Our vision is to explore together with our customers the huge potentialities of our Azepur99®. In our VIP Library you will find valuable reports on applications, research and regulatory topics.

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Azelaic, Azelaic
Azelaic, Azelaic

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Azelaic, Azelaic


Azepur99® azelaic acid pharma grade is the ingredient for anti acne products. Azepur99® is the highest and purest quality azelaic acid available on the market.

It is suitable for all types of acne. Because, next to ordinary acne (acne vulgaris) several other forms of acne are known, such as acne conglobata (a severe form of acne, mainly with males) and acne keloidalis. Acne ectopica (hidradenitis suppurativa, caused Staphylococcus epidermidis) is a variant form of acne that shows up in unusual places, such as the armpits, groin and on the buttocks. 

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We deliver prompt from stock, from CIP Airport to delivery at your door (DAP). Our Azepur99® is stored under controlled conditions in a modern equiped and certified warehouse in the Netherlands. We can arrange shipments by air through an own controlled office at Amsterdam airport.

A delivery rate of 95% within a lead time of 2 weeks guarantees arrivals  at your place in time.

Azelaic, Azelaic

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